My First day in The USA


Write a strong multi-paragraph essay where you describe a very meaningful and significant event in your life (perhaps an incident or occurrence that changed you in some particular way). Much of your essay will involve narrating the event itself with specific examples and descriptive details.

In your opening paragraph, phrase a thesis statement that specifically suggests both what event you focus on and why it is meaningful to you.

Recreate the event fully and emphasize your reaction to it. Work in conflict and dialogue. An effective narrative exhibits the virtue of clarity, succinctness, persuasiveness, purity of language, and an engaging style. Give your essay closure by finishing with a concluding paragraph.


When writing at the college level, style is always a consideration. Not only should you be clear, but your word choice, sentence structure, and overall expression should be somewhat involved. Use precise, descriptive wording.

Last Updated on March 23, 2020