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MRP record using part-period balancing

Determine the MRP record using part-period balancing?

Question one

In the manufacture of bicycle, it is found that each bicycle requires one frame and each frame requires two wheels and each will require two bolts. The lead time for each frame is two weeks that of the wheel is one week, while that of a bold is two weeks. At the beginning of week one; there are 35 bicycles, 15 frames, 25 wheels and 60 bolts. Further, 20 frames, 30 wheels, and 40 bolts are scheduled to be received at the beginning of week six. The gross requirements for the bicycle are given in the table below:

Weeks GR






6 30

7 40

8 10


10 20

11 50

12 60

a) Using the Part-Period Balancing method, determine the MRP record for the bicycle, frame, wheels and bolts. Assume the lead time for the bicycle to be zero. The holding cost is K1600 per unit per period and the ordering cost is K240000 per order.

b) Determine the stocking cost for the bolts for twelve weeks.

Total: 25 marks

Question Two

a) Jobs A, B, C, D, E, F and G must go through process I and II in that sequence (process I first then process II). Use Johnson’s rule to determine the optimal sequence in which to schedule the jobs to minimize the total required time. How much total time is required to process all the seven jobs? Illustrate this using a Gantt chart.


Job Processing time in I Processing time in II

A 3 4

B 15 13

C 7 6

D 11 12

E 2 8

F 8 5

G 7 4

Processing times and due dates for six jobs waiting to be processed at the work station are given in the following table. Determine the sequence of jobs, average flow time, average days late and average number of jobs at the work station for each of the following rules and recommend the best method.

i) Shortest processing Time

ii) Earliest Due Date

iii) Critical ratio

Job Processing time in (Days) Due date (Days)

A 3 4

B 15 13

C 7 6

D 11 12

E 2 8

F 8 5

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