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Mr. Stanley Frank, A Continual Case Study

Modules 3 and 4

Mr. Frank has been doing well. He is adhering to his medication schedule. He does not check his blood pressure regularly and has no idea how to assess his radial pulse but wants to learn so that he can take his medications correctly and not have negative outcomes.

Mr. Frank reports that he is getting ready to clean out his garage and wants to avoid a back injury. He is cleaning out his garage because “it is a fire hazard with all that stuff in there that I don’t need”. He wants to get a fire extinguisher, but he has no idea how to use one.

  1. Explain how you would educate Mr. Frank to assess his radial pulse. Please write this step by step for his care plan intervention.
  2. The nurse documents Mr. Frank’s radial pulses as +2 and his pedal pulses as +1. How is the interpreted and explained to Mr. Frank?
  3. It is also documented that Mr. Frank has bibasilar fine crackles. How would you interpret these findings?
  4. Explain to Mr. Frank the steps to use a fire extinguisher and the steps to take if a fire should occur.
  5. Describe the education you would provide for Mr. Frank to prevent back injuries.
  6. What education will you provide for Mr. Frank to be safe in his home? Think overall safety and other ideas that might be appropriate.
  7. What nursing diagnoses are appropriate for Mr. Frank currently? Complete 2 nursing diagnosis.
Complete Diagnostic StatementGoalInterventions (list at least five)Evaluation


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