Movie Reflection Assignment

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Movie Reflection Assignment

Please choose one of the following movies to view: 12 Angry Men, The Great Debaters, Girl Interrupted, 28 Days, Stand By Me, and Dangerous Minds.

If you chose a movie that you have viewed in the past, you will want to watch it again because you will be viewing through the lens of group counseling.

Your paper should include the following information:

  1. An Introduction – Give a BRIEF overview of the movie you viewed. You can introduce the characters and summarize the plot. This should be no more than two paragraphs. I am not interested in your review of the cinematic value of the movie and am most interested in how you perceived the group dynamics of the characters (20 pts.)
  1. Group Development – Discuss the various developmental stages of the group and cite examples from the movie when discussing the stages. You will talk about the beginning stages, working phase and the termination process as it was experienced by the characters in the movie. 1-2 pages (30 pts.)
  1. Group Leader – Give an overview of the person that acted as the leader of the group. You will want to discuss the roles and functions of a group leader as it was experienced by the character in the movie. Cite specific examples from the movie to support your discussion. 1-2 pages (30pts.)
  1. Conclusion – Give a BRIEF overview of what you learned from watching this film as it applies to group counseling. 2-3 paragraphs (20 pts.)


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