Mother’s Interview

Discussion: Mother’s Interview


For this discussion, you will report on an interview with a parent about their birth experience. You may interview any parent who was present and participated at the birth of their child regardless if they were the mother or father or it was their own conception or adoption or surrogacy. You may not submit a self-report of your own child’s birth. Considering you will need time for greetings and “thank yous” you should plan about an hour for the interview itself.

Interview Process (Data Collection):

Your interviews should be open-ended. Ask them to tell you about the pregnancy and birth experience of one child (if they have more than one) then let them choose what to tell you as long as they give at least a 10-minute description. Be a LISTENER and try to avoid sharing your own knowledge or commiseration. Make notes as you are listening to use for your analysis.

Data Presentation

  1. Mother/Child Information:

State the birth mother’s age at time of the birth, and the age, gender, and birth year of the child whose pregnancy and birth was discussed. Protect their identity. Do not include the parent, mother, or baby’s name in your assignment.

  1. Present your findings on any four of the following topics. Keep your descriptions short 1-3 sentences maximum.
  • Childbirth Preparation and/or Method or a description of where the mother got most of their information about the pregnancy and birth process.
  • Baby’s birth details –Was the baby full term?, What was it’s weight? Was it considered an appropriate weight and size for it’s age? Were there any complications?
  • Nutrition/Health Listen for an example related to health or nutrition during the pregnancy or birth process (health/wellness, medical care, maternal delivery complications, nutrition/weight).
  • Culture Were there any cultural influence that had an impact on the mothers prenatal/birth experience. Identify what the impact was.
  • Attitude towards pregnancy and birth Listen for the attitudes of two of the mothers (positive/negative, happy, scared, worried, prepared, dreading/looking forward to) during their pregnancy and if possible, the reason or influences on the attitude.
  • Circumstances Listen for an example of a circumstance impacting the experience of the mother during her pregnancy or birth (home life, working/or not, in a relationship, or not, family support, SES, etc). Identify what the impact was.
  • Historical context birth practices and beliefs have changed across generations. Was there anything that stood out that is a good example of old or new beliefs?

Interact with at least two classmates. One who interviewed a parent in a similar generation as your interview and one whose birth was at least ten years different.

Grading Rubric:
  • Mother/Child information are confidential and complete 3
  • Topical information includes four topics and are clearly presented 8
  • Interactions with classmates follow the directions. 4


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