Monie “Supersize me”

Monie “Supersize me”


While watching the film, take notes of the main consumer issues addressed in the film

and any reference to laws, rules or regulations regarding these issues, as well as what , if

any, regulatory agencies are mentioned in the film.

• Research if any new laws, rules, or regulations have been passed since the premier of the

film (2004) that addresses the areas of concern. You may use google, wikepedia, and

preferably, the related regulatory agency to explore possible changes in laws, rules, and


• You will then write a two – three page summary (in your own words) that includes the

elements listed below.

Your summary must include the following:

1. Introduction and summary of the main areas of concern featured in the movie. (This

should be at least two paragraphs long).

2. Explanation of the regulatory agency or agencies that oversee this area of concern.

3. A description of what solutions or actions have been taken to address the area of concern

since the movie premiered, including new laws, rules or regulations.

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