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Modest Proposal” Assignment

Modest Proposal” Assignment
Think about a widespread problem or social issue (political, economic, environmental, school-related, etc.) and write your own “Modest Proposal” satirizing the attitudes that surround the issue.
Model your essay after Jonathan Swift’s parody: describe a real-world problem and propose an outrageous solution.
Try to sound serious and convincing. Use the rhetorical appeals (ethos, logos, pathos) to persuade your audience.
Because this is a parody, an imitation of an actual persuasive essay, you should employ the various satiric techniques we have studied (exaggeration, incongruity, reversal).
Begin by getting teacher approval for your real-world issue. If your issue reflects bigotry, it will not be approved. Next, get approval for your outrageous solution.
The main idea of each paragraph should be supported by no fewer than four supporting details, four sides of the issue, four features, or four implications.
Write no fewer than 600 words and include the following paragraphs:
Paragraph 1: In detail, describe the problem—an actual, real-world issue—carefully explaining why this needs to be resolved. Be specific about the negative effects of this situation.
Paragraph 2: Suggest an outrageous solution to this problem. Although ludicrous and extreme, the solution should be presented like a serious, well-planned proposal. Explain how your plan addresses the troubles presented in the first paragraph.
Paragraph 3: Provide specific examples of your proposal’s various features and day-to-day workings. You may wish to describe the precise actions necessary for putting your plan into practice. Consider obstacles to overcome.
Paragraph 4 (Optional): Address anticipated questions or objections to your proposal.
Paragraph 5: List the benefits of your proposal. Describe specific ways in which the world will be a better place once your plan is implemented.

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