Modeling development effort in object – oriented systems using design properties


Assignment Software Engineering
Weight: 10 % of your final grade
Read the following paper: Lionel C. Briand and Jϋrgen Wüst, “Modeling development effort in object –
oriented systems using design properties,”
IEEE Trans. Softw. Eng., vol. 27, pp. 963–986, Nov. 2001. doi:10.1109/32.965338
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Then, go to Google Scholar and search for other papers on the topic of cost estimation in object -oriented
systems. Select at least two other scientific papers. Based on the article from Briand and Wüst as well as
the two other papers that you find and read, answer the following question in two pages.
Can the cost estimation performed during object-oriented analysis and design workflows be accurate?
Why or why not?
Please make sure that you cite all resources in your answer correctly with IEEE format (the IEEE,
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, is a very well-known professional association for
advanced technology). You can find more information about this format at

Criteria for Marking
•Completeness and correctness of the information presented (90 %)
•Organization of the report—structure, headings, etc. (5 %)
•Presentation (look, readability, etc.). (5 %)

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