What does Harper Lee wants us to understand about the Topic of growing up (theme) and how does Lee Use the character of Scout to illustrate and comment on this idea.

The paragraph needs to have:

– a topic sentence which should connect directly to the thesis statement.
The thesis statement is: Over the three years of the novel the narrator Scout grows up and matures in her own way . She just don’t accept what she sees but questions what she doesn’t understand.

The topic sentence tells the main idea of the body paragraph; If you read my thesis statement and topic sentence you should be able to understand the entire essay (this body paragraph is just a part of the entire essay).

– A point: one way the character helps us understand the theme

– Evidence #1: a quotation that shows this

– Analysis/explanation; how the quote proves your point

-evidence # 2 + transition/link

-Analysis # 2

– evidence # 3 +transition link

-Analysis # 3

– Clincher or concluding sentence to tie back to the thesis statement and make the paragraph feel complete

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