Minorities in Management

Human Resources (HR)

Minorities in Management

(a) A written presentation that is well organized, with main points clear, and the flow of your argument both appropriate and easy to discern;

(b) You analysis should be thesis-driven, that is, it should be perfectly clear to the reader what argument you are making; write for your reader, not yourself or for a grade;

(c) References should be explicit and appropriately cited.

(d) Your analysis should be specific, with the rationale behind positions taken or refuted clearly and unmistakably. The idea is to minimize the possibility that the reader will think “I wonder why s/he thinks this . . .?” Don’t assume anything on the part of the reader; the burden of proof is on you.

(e) Incorporate the implications of your analysis. Go beyond the obvious to consider relevant tradeoffs in any course of action—the “So what?” factor.

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