Millennial Workplace with Pets

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Please watch the video:

In addition to charts and illustrations, infographics have become a popular way to convey information at a glance. For this assignment, draft a chart, graph, or other image that could be used to convey one section of the material in your group’s formal report.


1.In one paragraph, answer the following:

What was it like to translate written material into a graphic form, and what did you need to keep in mind while you did so? What decisions did you need to make while determining the purpose and style of your image?


The formal report is entitled: “Dog in the workplace”

  1. Millennial Workplace with Pets

Of those surveyed, over two-thirds of millennial believe pets in the workplace have a positive impact on employees and job satisfaction. It is believed 73% of Millennial that participated in the survey have positive impacts with pets in the workplace. Of those surveyed, 43% of Millennial who worked non-pet friendly places believe the workplace should allow pets at work, whereas 24% of non-Millennial believe the same. Approximately 60% of employees are likely to keep working at a company that implements pet-friendly policies.

Draft a chart, graft or other image that could be used to convey “Millennial Workplace with Pets”


Last Updated on March 19, 2020