Migration Patterns and Module 3 Discussion

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Migration Patterns and Module 3 Discussion: Immigration in the U.S.

Migration Patterns Assignment

  1. Take a look at this interactive map on migration (链接到外部网站。)链接到外部网站。, click the tabs on top to check and examine the map of 2017 World Migration Stock, 2017 World Migration Stock v.2, 1990-2017 World Migration, and Largest Migration Corridors;
  2. Select 2017 World Migration Stock v.2;
  3. Choose a country of your interest;
  4. Answer the following questions, in 500 words, about the country of your choice.
  1. What role does this country play in global and local migration flows today?
  2. Does the interactive map reflect all of the current migration flows for the country of your choice?


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