Microsoft Office Applications on Demand

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Please respond to the two topics below using a minimum of 100 words. Include a link to any site you used to help you respond to the questions.



IT133: Microsoft Office Applications on Demand

Topic 1:

Based on your work in this unit and the Tutorials and Readings, address the following scenario.

Don, a colleague, asked for your advice in making his presentation a bit more professional. You noticed that his slides were written in essay form. The title slide and contact information were omitted from the presentation. Based on the readings and your knowledge of PowerPoint, what are some tips you can suggest to make Don’s presentation more engaging?


IT190: Information Technology Concepts

Discussion Topic: Using Public Networks

Public networks (like coffee shop or hotel networks) are often open networks. Do you use this type of network? What types of things do you do while connected to the network? Do you shop? Check bank balances? Pay your credit card? Do you know anyone who does any of these things? Is this safe? Why or why not?


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