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MGM Resorts International Industry Study

MGM Resorts International

This report sets the tone for your business plan. Please use objective sources (not just the company website) and DO NOT COPY OR PARAPHRASE ANYTHING from the company website. Do not use words for which you do not know the meaning. Remember that the audience is the Board and Executives who do not need a bunch of company facts.


Direction Setting Grading Criteria

SectionSuggested Length** Contents
Company Overview1 page·         Company overview (1 paragraph)

·         Domain definition (stakeholders can be left for the stakeholder section)

Vision, Mission, Values1.5  pages·         Create your own separate vision and mission statement based on research of your company (DO NOT COPY FROM THE COMPANY WEBSITE), applying the uses of a good statement from the book and at least 6 components of a good mission statement (you don’t have to identify the components/uses, but they must be contained within in your statements)

·         Define your company’s core values.

·         Describe how your company will achieve sustainability (people, profit, planet)

·         For all of the above items, this is YOUR vision-mission etc. You can use the company’s as a starting point, but you should modify them extensively to meet the criteria discussed in class and the book.

Stakeholders1.5 pages·         Identify at least 10 key stakeholders and state (1 bullet per stakeholder) why they are important (be specific to your company)

·         Conduct a stakeholder analysis

·         Reach conclusions based on your stakeholder analysis

FormatOverall flow, organization, formatting, following guidelines, grammar, spelling, references, etc.


Suggested length is NOT required length. Quality of content is the main objective.




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