Methods that the Supreme Court uses in interpreting the constitution

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In class, we discussed two distinct, different methods that the Supreme Court uses in interpreting the constitution. In the first part of your essay, name these two methods, describe these two methods fully, and discuss in detail their strengths.

In the second section of your essay, discuss in detail the weaknesses of the two methods.

For part three, discuss which of the two methods has been most used by the Supreme Court since 1950. Give 2 examples of cases, rulings and/or results which show how that method was used. Explain why you believe that these cases show the use of the method you have chosen to describe

In part four, give an example of a case after 1950 in which the Supreme Court used the other method, and discuss the ruling in that case and why it is an example of the other method.

In the final part, discuss which of the two methods you believe should be used by the Court going forward from the present, and explain why the use of this method is best for the country. Do you believe the Supreme Court is likely to use this method? Why or why not?


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