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Memo Response – PROPERTIES ‘r’ US

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The attached memo is from your boss, and you have to keep him happy to keep your job.
You like your job.
Your task is to write a memo in response answering the question posed and, of course, explaining your answer in detail. (If you are not familiar with the memo format, try an online search first, then if you are still uncertain let me know how I can help.)
The boss is very sensitive to communication skills, and anything you hand him needs to be well-organized, MUST BE SUPPORTED BY PROPERLY CITED RESEARCH and needs to communicate effectively – which means it must be adequately explained for intelligent persons who are not necessarily professionals in the field.
This is a communication-skills exercise as much as a real estate analysis task, so the professional quality of your product is as important – perhaps more so – than the accuracy of your statements.
If you have any other questions, let me know right away! Consult the Course Calendar for the due date.
Don’t forget that salary reviews are scheduled for the very near future. ;-).

Real Estate
PO Box 42, Dullest, TX
From: John Shampton, Broker
To: Associate-in-training
Re: Task
I just receive a text from Dr. Dover that reads: “Tell me what I need to know about deeds.”
Put a memo together satisfying his request.




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