Medication error related to a Graduate registered nurse,

What contributes to these? How can they be avoided?

  1. Introduction – A general introduction to the assignment, providing a short description of the topic of the annotated bibliography, discussing the topic and its importance and relationship to a Graduate Registered Nurse (around 100 words).
  2. Four (4) article annotations of 200-250 words each, using the “Guide to writing an annotated bibliography” supplied above. Each annotation will include
  • Complete and accurate citation of the article under discussion using APA referencing style
  • A short statement that explains the main focus or purpose of the work
  • A short summary of the theory, research findings or argument (e.g. intended audience, subjects covered, major arguments supported, research methods, conclusions reached)
  • An evaluative comment on how well this article supports the topic.
  1. 3. A succinct summary of the topic based upon your literature research and its application to practice (around 100 words).

Your analysis should demonstrate your understanding of the issue and its impact on your own practice as a newly graduated registered nurse

Total word count: 1200-1500 words

These are my Marking Criteria:



Written  communication and presentation


10 marks


The writing is clear, concise and free of typographical errors. It conforms to the guidelines for the assignment in all respects. The annotations are clear & succinctly convey the key information about the source.


Source Selection


25 marks


An excellent and appropriate choice of scholarly articles, demonstrating skilled search strategies.

Sources chosen are

highly relevant to

the topic and are credible scholarly material, including seminal/important works and current advances in research on the topic

The justification of the selection demonstrates deep understanding of the topic & its connection with Graduate RN practice


Bibliographic Citations: The citation entry is correct in accordance with APA format with no errors


Comprehension & analysis (Body of Annotation)


40 marks


All the annotations include accurate detailed descriptions of each article in a clear & consistent, succinct manner. Evidence of deep understanding of each article is in the detailed & thoughtful analysis of each one & in the inclusion of questioning of specific details such as whether or not the conclusions can reliably be drawn from the research as described.


Evaluation integrates the parts of the annotations to be part of a connected whole, linking all aspects including methodology, findings, conclusions and limitations to the topic.


The value of each source is aptly connected to the topic &

Graduate RN practice with insight.







Introduction and Summary


25 marks


Contains a concise background statement of the relevance of the topic to graduate RN practice.


Summary: of articles shows a high level of integration of the research examined with the argument or viewpoint expressed clearly and persuasively. There is a logical progression of ideas that support the focus of the sources.



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