Media Communications

Question to Answer: Should the Trump Administration allow AT&T to merge with TimeWarner, and, if it do

es, how might the combination of the companies affect the various channels of media we have discussed this semester?
Preparation: Your essay will need to quote from at least one mainstream source favoring one side and at least one source favoring the other (appropriate news sources will include or be of the stature of such as the Washington Post newspaper, Fox News, Wired magazine, The Economist magazine, National Review magazine, Newsweek, NPR,,, etc.).

You are encouraged to choose from more academic research as well — these articles can be found through Google Scholar (

Process: Your essay should be written in a traditional academic format with sources noted in a way that I can easily find them. It should summarize both the benefits and drawbacks proposed by your source(s) for and against the merger. Having explained the issue from the point of view of both sides, provide your analysis of the best way for the issue to be decided.

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