Matlab project

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Matlab Assignment (Individual)

This assignment is created as for the fulfillment of the Criterion 7 of ABET accreditation criteria.

Part 1.

(Highlighted “As a first example”)

  1. Use Wz(power dissipated in the diode) to duplicate Fig – 28.
  2. Draw density functions for Vs and Wzbased on the problem descriptions
  3. Use Matlab to evaluate E[Wz]
  4. Use Matlab to find the Minimum R value.

Part 2.

(Highlighted “As another Example”)

  1. Calculate R*(normal value of R),Rmin (Smallest R value), and Rmax(Largest R value).
  2. Compute Probability Pc with (1) given Gaussian probability density function fR(r)and (2) standard normal distribution functionφ(.). Compare your result.

Part 3.

(Highlighted “The third Example”)

  1. Compute the quantity F(70) by using (2-54)
  2. Draw the Rayleigh’s density function f(s) in Fig 2-31 by using (2-54)
  3. Compute the conditional expectation E[S|S>70]


Everything should be typed!!! No handwritten, Photocopied, Camera-ed material is allowed.

Your Report Should include

  1. Screen shot of m file
  2. Computation result
  3. List of challenges that you had for the completion of the work – Explain the nature of challenges
  4. List of topics in probability and statistics that you felt comfortable for this project.
  5. List of topics in probability that you felt challenging for this project.
  6. Conclusion

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