Marketing Presentation

Create a marketing presentation that you would share with the management team at Allstar Brands summarizing your strategic decisions/rationale, performance over the course of the six years, recommendations into the future and a reflection of your final learning from the simulation. An outline of required components is provided below.

  • Introduction: Company overview
    • Briefly introduce company and product line.
  • Strategic decisions
    • Describe decisions made and rationale for those decisions. Think about the challenges that developed and how you used the marketing mix (product, price, place and promotion) to solve these challenges. Explain how the actions of the competitors and overall changes in the industry impacted your company.
  • Performance analysis
    • Based upon several indicators, evaluate your overall performance during the last six years. Include actual performance results such as revenue, profit, market share, etc. provided in the simulation. The use of tables or graphs would provide additional support in your explanation.
  • Recommendations
    • Recommend a course of action to the new management team of Allstar Brands.
  • Reflection of final learning from simulation
    • Discuss your overall learning from this simulation

Your marketing presentation should be a minimum of 9-12 slides in length (not including title and reference slides) and should include extensive speaker’s notes. Note that the actual slides should be an outline/overview with visuals. The speaker notes should tell the story with a minimum of 200 words per slide. Include at least five scholarly resources.

Marketing strategies and Logistics for Parallel Work

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