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Marketing Plan for SPAR

Marketing Plan for SPAR (Oman)

The Marketing Plan Task:

SPAR International is expanding rapidly in the Omani market and aims to build on its established reputation of ‘customer service excellence’. First launched in 2014, SPAR Supermarket at present has more than 22 stores across Oman.

According to the CEO of SPAR international, “SPAR’s success story in Oman has been possible because of customers’ acceptance, which has been driven by the four core values of freshness, choice, value and excellent customer service”.

In 2016, SPAR Oman opened its 10th SPAR Supermarket, which saw the brand entering Madinat Darsait for the first time. SPAR, Oman is keen on expanding its sales and achieving market growth.

As a Marketing Consultant, you have been approached by the CEO of the SPAR (Oman) to develop a Marketing Plan which will enable the company to achieve even better customer satisfaction and increase in sales over the next three years. Your focus should be on SPAR Supermarkets.

Marketing Plan

To help with the development of your Marketing Plan Task, you have been provided with a case study generated from recent articles on SPAR, Oman. Please, note that you are expected to conduct further research on SPAR, Oman.

Your Marketing Plan must include the following:

  • Executive Summary


  • Introduction and objectives– Your introduction should include relevant background information on SPAR, Oman


  • Current market and company situational analysis, including the competition (apply Porter’s Five Forces model, and provide a comparative analysis of the competitors), consumer behaviour, SWOT and/or PEST analyses.


  • Market Segmentation– this should emanate from your market situational analysis. You must identify current and possibly new market segments for SPAR, Oman


  • Marketing Plan Objectives– must be specific and realistic. Apply the SMART Rule.


  • Marketing mix strategy recommendations– Note that you will need to recommend your marketing mix strategy for SPAR, Oman. Your recommendations should stem from the market and company situational analysis. Your strategy recommendations must be relevant to the segments identified in your market situational analysis. Don’t just repeat the current strategies employed by SPAR, Oman. You are also expected to use relevant strategic marketing planning tools to inform your recommendations.


  • Evaluation and Control– how would the plan be monitored? What tools would you employ? Consider the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


  • Budget– provide a costing for each of your marketing mix strategy. I do not expect you to come up with specific figures, but your costing should be based on research. Hence, I would expect a brief explanation or justification of the figures provided in your budget.


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