Marketing Case study

Each question answer should be roughly about 4/5 lines; and ALL the answers (i.e., as a whole) should be about 2 pages].
Please turn in answers of the following Questions of Case-2:

1. What do companies gain from crowdsourcing products and ideas for products from consumers?
2. What was the value proposition to PepsiCo (owner of Mountain Dew) of the series of DEWmocracy2 campaigns? How do you think PepsiCo benefitted?

3. What do you think about the multi-stage (multi-campaign) design of DEWmocracy2? For each stage, how effective do you think it was in engaging consumers with the Mountain Dew brand?
4. Were there too many stages? Why?

5. Do you think this multi-stage approach was effective in keeping consumers’ interest in Mountain Dew (and DEWmocracy2, specifically) high over time? Were some stages better/more effective than others?

6. What was the value of having “Flavor Nations” formed from Dew Labs members? Value to PepsiCo? Value to the members?
7. Could PepsiCo use this approach for other brands in their portfolio? Have they? For which types of brands and target segments does crowdsourcing in this way seem most appropriate?

8. Select a brand from PepsiCo’s portfolio (lists of brands can be found on the PepsiCo website). Develop a crowdsourcing campaign (or series of campaigns) for that brand.

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