Marketing Case Study Assignment

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Mini Case Study 2: OrgMeat Ltd.

You are the marketing manager of OrgMeat Ltd., who continues to dominate sales in the organic canned poultry market, versus its competitors. Annually, the company experiences a surge in sales during the Easter Lenten season which begins around Ash Wednesday, lasting for a period of 40 days (Sundays excluded).

For the current year of 2020, Lent will begin in early March and runs through mid-April. At the conclusion of Lent, a marketing mix plan is immediately implemented which is in keeping with a yearly trend of monitoring the current success of sales objectives and growth with the previous year.

Below is your current marketing mix plan for OrgMeat Ltd:

Current Marketing Plan

Key Marketing Objective: Increase sales for April -May by 15% over same period in previous year.

Target markets: (1) health/fitness enthusiasts (2) heads of households [Note that there are other possible segments however these two segments are the ones traditionally targeted by OrgMeat Ltd]

Brand Positioning: The OrgMeat Ltd. range of canned poultry provides the entire family with convenient meal options that delivers nutritional benefits while supporting healthy lifestyles. With over 100 years of experience serving the Caribbean, no other brand is trusted more.

4P Marketing Mix Tools/Activities:

  • Product – quality packaged organic canned poultry
  • Price – because of quality, our prices are 10% higher than our closest competitor
  • Place (distribution) – truck
  • Promotions

✓ Trade and Consumer Promotion/- instore/event sampling, discounts and special on bulk purchase; floor displays.

✓ Store Signage and Point-of-Purchase Advertising/- top-of-shelf signs, updated point of-purchase materials

✓ Social Media/– Facebook & Instagram

✓ PR/- sponsorship of sporting events

Global Development – Covid-19 Pandemic

As the Covid-19 virus continues to claim more lives globally, the need to deal with the virus locally is paramount. In response to Country Y recording its fifth Covid-19 case on March 11th, its Prime Minister via a live news press conference, declared to fellow citizens that all non-essential services will be halted indefinitely. Immediately after this announcement, citizens engaged in panicked supermarket shopping which continued throughout the ending of March.

As citizens stocked up on canned poultry products during this unusual consumer shopping period, OrgMeat Ltd. recorded a historic 200% increase in sales in comparison with the previous year. As a result, the company exceeded March-April sales expectations. With no end in sight regarding the Covid-19, citizens are mandated to self-quarantined in their homes, and must only venture outside for essential purchases.

Businesses are experiencing sales decline as a consequence of social distancing guidelines which are negatively affecting consumer shopping. A recent instore survey at the company indicated that its customers are willing to pay the extra cost associated with safe, convenience and fast services during the pandemic.

As the Marketing Manager for OrgMeat Ltd., you are considering the following:

  • In light of unexpected early sales achievements, what strategy adjustment(s) is/are needed for the months April and May?
  • Is there an opportunity to attract new target consumers during this period?
  • How to best meet our customers’ needs with social distancing guidelines affecting instore purchases?
  • What approach should we utilize to adapt our 4Ps Marketing Mix plan in this ever-changing environment?
  • How can we market our products’ benefits to customers?
  • Should we consider a new pricing strategy during this time?
  • What should be our product distribution strategy?
  • Are there new marketing opportunities available to reach customers?
  • What positive relationships can we develop between users and customers during this period?




  1. Due to Covid-19, what are your predictions about canned poultry sales trends and consumer shopping behaviour for April and May? Explain your response in detail.     (2.5 marks)


  1. Describe your target markets for April and May? Will you keep the existing targets or adjust targets? Please justify your response in detail.                                 (2.5 marks)



  1. List and explain your key Marketing objective(s) for April/May. Be sure to discuss the strengths or weaknesses of your Marketing objective.                                  (5 marks)



  1. What would you include in a new Marketing plan for April/May? Indicate in the new plan which Marketing tools you will include, along with the rationale for including each. For each tool, provide examples of specific activities you would utilize. If you decide to remove any of the Marketing tools in the current plan, explain why.                                        (10 marks)

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