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Managing organizational communication

What are some things about communication you need to know when communicating with someone from a different culture or even a different ethnic group? Why is this so important? What happens to your communication efforts when you are not aware of these things? Give your feedback on post below.

Managing organizational communication is among the greatest priorities for managers in multinational corporations (SHRM, 2020). The leaders of a global organization for instance (Exxon Mobil) face a direct challenge in managing local organizations such as Alfa Mexico with which they merge given cultural diversity across the world. The understanding of communication theory equips both leaders and managers with the necessary tools and requisites in ensuring the communication channel is well defined for the local company. Simply put, this theory enables the leaders to be informed in such things as the effect of both formal and informal communication to the organization and its workers, developing an effective communication strategy, the various parties affected by the information relayed, measuring of the results of the adopted communication model, and also the types of communication methods to be used in the local company for the success of the business in the local market.

In the local company, there is a great need for effective communication from the management both with the staff and the employees. The things communicated inform among many things the marketing strategy. Additionally, it enables the staff and employees to remain in sync with the company. Some of the things to be communicated include the firm’s goals, vision, and mission. This helps maintain the firm’s focus and define its synergy among these people. Other things to be communicated include the products (brands), the model of leadership, the company’s values and the modus operandi among others depending on the nature of the local environment.

Brannen et al., (2017) and König et al., (2017) point out that the executives of multinational corporations face a lot of challenges brought about by language in communication. Some of the challenges faced include barriers created by cultural diversity and gender on communication, the structural difference (working in various parts of the organization structure), breaking new ground in the new markets, adapting to the new environment, and interacting with transcontinental intermediaries which imply the use of different languages. All these pose a great challenge that the leaders are often confronted with.

Summarily, a proper understanding of communication theory among the managers and the leaders is essential in successfully integrating into new markets. Operating in diverse jurisdictions is often met with serious challenges, with most of them being around the lingual aspect. To ensure the staff, employees and the local environment are in sync with the firm’s products and modus operandi, leaders and managers should always be ahead above the rest in understanding the dynamics in the various cultures.



Last Updated on March 23, 2020

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