Managing Diversity

  1. Find an article or story (no older than 1/1/2016) that is relevant to the chapter. For example, if you choose to submit homework for a chapter 13, Managing Diversity, you could find an article about any topic from the chapter.
  2. The article or story can be from any publication, magazine, newspaper, website, etc.
  3. For each homework, submit a document which includes:
  1. Title, date, source & a short summary, perhaps 2 or 3 sentences or bullet points, of the article/story
  2. A brief explanation of how the article relates to material learned from the class, and the chapter to which it relates. The key to earning homework credit is to clearly demonstrate an understanding of a concept from the textbook and show it being applied in a real world situation.


Here’s an example:

Subject: Homework Part 4: Organizing, Chapter 13 – Managing Diversity The fascinating article I read was about the importance of diversity in the workplace and trends driving workplace diversity. The third trend described in the article describes Deloitte’s research on how the definition of diversity has changed. It discusses how the lack of “diversity of thought” can lead to something called “expert overconfidence,” and provides an example of a company’s product failure that was caused by too much blind agreement internally.  

This relates back to chapter 13 which discusses the benefits of workplace diversity. The book, just like the article, discusses how teams with diverse backgrounds bring different perspectives to a discussion and to problem-solving, resulting in more creative ideas and solutions.  Article: “Five Trends Driving Workplace Diversity in 2015” (online), Feb 3, 2015

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