Managerial Decision Making in a Global Environment

Managerial Decision Making in a Global Environment

The due diligence analyses on the three countries chosen ( Germany/developed country, cuba/emerging country and Nigeria/ developing country.. )will continue the exploration of management decision making processes. For each of your countries, you will create a

1) roadmap for your entry strategy into the country with which type of ownership structure you would use, providing examples of why this would be the best choice.

2) You will discuss whether there are regulations with regards to trade in moving into this country.

3) Provide a SWOT analysis of the government and political issues you will be encountering during the entry process.

4) discuss all the legal and ethical challenges you foresee in moving into this arena.

A minimum of 1.5 pages per country is required and you will follow APA (6th edition) formatting , with title and reference pages, indented paragraphs and a minimum of four APA formatted references and associated in-text citations

**** references are very important, need to back up the paper****

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