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Management Control Systems

1. Please first choose a local business organization that you are familiar with, e.g., an organization you have worked for, or a convenience store, a grocery store, a department store, a restaurant, a movie theater, an ice arena, or a gym that you have been to.

Then, centered on the management control alternatives we learned this semester, i.e. Results Controls, Action Controls, Personnel Controls, and Cultural Controls, please discuss:

a) at least four weak points in Management Control Systems of the organization you choose; and

b) at least four corresponding suggestions to improve its Management Control Systems.

2. In view of the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, please answer the following two questions.

a) Please discuss the challenges that the on-going COVID-19 pandemic may impose on organizations’ Management Control Systems.


1. You could discuss any aspects of MCS, i.e., management control alternatives, financial results control systems, performance measurement issues, corporate governance, control-related roles, ethics, etc.

2. You could discuss the challenges either on organizations in general, or on one or a few organizations in particular.

b) Using your knowledge of Management Control Systems, please provide your professional suggestions and recommendations to the organizations that are struggling with the effect of COVID-19.

Note: Your suggestions in part b) should correspond to the challenges in part a).

Last Updated on October 10, 2021

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