Making A Claim

Discussion Question:

Part 1: Of the six articles, which author was most rhetorically effective, and why? Be sure to use terminology you learned in the Rhetorical Analysis lecture and packet. Your claim should be 1-2 sentences and include a “because” statement followed by reasons.

Part 2: Underneath your claim, provide 2-4 few examples from the article to support your claim. You can write this in paragraph form, use bullets, or use numbering.


#1: Aliens may not exist – but that’s good news for our survival


By Jim Al-Khalili

The GuardianJune 27, 2018

#2: But, Seriously, Where Are the Aliens?

By Derek Thompson

The Atlantic June 22, 2018

#3: Does alien life exist?

By Don Lincoln

CNNJanuary 4, 2018



#4: The Aliens are coming, and no one cares


By Molly Roberts

The Washington PostDecember 19, 2017


#5: We Wanted to Believe

Why 2017 was a banner year for discussing, searching for, and panicking over aliens.


By Neel V. Patel

SlateDecember 29, 2017

#6: Yes, There Have Been Aliens

By Adam Frank

June 10, 2016

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