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Machine static 2 QS

1) Look at Table A-5 in your text. Pay particular attention to the grouping of materials with respect to material properties. Pay special attention to the modulus of elasticity for the groups of materials. Read the attached document titled “Workshop on Addressing Key Technology Gaps in Implementing AHSS for Automotive Lightweighting”.

Provide me with a ¾ page, 1.5-spaced, 1” margin, summaryof what you learned in this reading. Focus the summary to what you read with regard to

(1) What do we know about the modulus of elasticity of steels, and what do we not know about the modulus of elasticity of steels, (2) why you think this gathering was suggested in the first place,

(3) why did so many entities having such disparate interests attend. In the summary, make sure to discuss what you learned from Table A-5 in your book relative to what you learned from the document, what you learned from the workshop paper, and note the attendees to the “workshop” AND the companies that they are affiliated with (don’t worry with the attendees names, simply discuss the companies that supported the creation of this report- they are all near the end and why they were all included).

2) Watch the two videos “Condensed Review of EMS WRT Metals”, Parts 1 and 2. Write a 400 word (200 min, 400 max) essay describing (a) the topics that may have been treated differently in the video WRT what you learned in EMS, (b) what you learned new in the videos that you didn’t learn in EMS, (c) what you thought sucked in the videos. Make sure to watch them in order. The titles will help- but you need to pay attention.

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