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M3A1: Case Study: Motel Maids

For this case study paper, please read the attached case study document “Motel Maids Case Study”
Simply answering the questions which are part of the case is not enough. Consider the questions to be clues to the important concepts and facts. You are strongly encouraged to use the following outline so that your analysis is organized appropriately:
Identify both the key issues and the underlying issues: In identifying the issues, you should be able to connect them to the principles which apply to this situation.
Discuss the facts which affect these issues: The case may have too much information. In your discussion, you should filter the information and discuss those facts which are pertinent to the issues identified.
Discuss your tentative solution to the problem and how you would implement your solution: Based on the knowledge you have gained in this course, what actions would you propose to correct the situation? Be sure to support your recommendation by citing references in the text and in the supplementary readings. You should also draw on other references such as business periodicals and journals. Remember that an ANALYSIS is more than simply a SUMMARY of the case study.
Discuss follow-up and contingency plans: How will the organization know that your proposed solution is working? What should they do if it does not work?
It may be helpful for you to “role-play” this assignment: Consider yourself to be the Manager charged with developing a presentation for the CEO. Your presentation should cover the points listed above. Develop an action-oriented analysis with a recommended course of action.

Please write this paper in the format below:
1. Title page
2. Abstract
3. Body
4. Conclusion
5. Reference page

Please write a paper around 1400 words in length.

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