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M analysis of aca and one year financial analysis

    1. The skills and experiences of each team member
    Team MemberSkillsExperience
    G· Quality goals and action plans

    · Problem solving and resolution control

    · Initiating, planning and execution of small projects

    · Accounts Manager

    · Operational policies and procedures

    3 + years’ experience in healthcare. Experience in management, developing quality goals and action plans, creating and interpreting reports and dashboards. Executing and closing out healthcare projects. Currently working as a Project manager for a healthcare Imaging company reviewing policies, improving protocols and procedures and managing accounts.
    P· Data integration strategies

    · Perform tracking, management and delivery of all product, services, operations, and relationship deliverables for assigned clients.

    · Develop methods of document management and information processing

    3 + years’ experience in healthcare technology. Demonstrate the capacity to provide comprehensive support; at problem solving and effective management of daily task. Currently working with electronic health records (EHR) providing quality feedback to our clients.
    M· Paper and electronic health records.

    · Focus on patient security, privacy and records administration.

    · Develop methods of document management and information processing.

    2+ years’ experience in healthcare.

    Experience in administration and project management. Converting papers to electronic health records. Developing policies within the facility regarding patients health records. Currently working as HIM/ROI analyst in the middle east, using Cerner.

    D· Electronic health records

    · Develop departmental policies and procedures

    · Conduct training and career development opportunities

    · Initiate and plan small group projects

    · Patient experience and service recovery

    10+ years’ experience in healthcare (pharmacy). Experience in management and operations. Developing policies and procedures for daily operations that comply with jurisdiction boards. Currently working with hospital stakeholders to decrease hospital readmission rates through “meds-to-beds” program.
    1. Role of Each Team Member
    TopicTeam Members
    ACA Analysis and its managed care organizations future implicationsG


    Checklist to be utilized to review the managed careP
    A year (1) financial analysis as a predictive tool projecting financial performance on the adoption of selected health plan and repayment .M
    Identify (3) involved managed care contracts under consideration. Support your reasoning.D
    1. Team Mission Statement, Team Goals, and Team Behaviors


    Providing UMUC Medical Center with a unified system with healthcare professionals fostering fairness and integrity with centralized professional advice on contract negotiations in association with the Affordable Care Act (ACA).


    • Work professionally
    • Work timely
    • Work cooperatively and collaboratively
    • Respect the input from other team members
    • Develop constructive solutions


    • The team will work cooperatively to come up with a division of duties, timelines, and work plan to complete the assignment on time.
    • The team will act professionally and cordially at all times.
    • Team members will share information and progress openly with the whole team.
    • Team members will raise any conflicts to the Team as a whole or to the Team Coordinator promptly.
    1. Team’s Conflict Resolution Plan

    Should any conflict arise, the issue will be raised to the Team Coordinator promptly. The Team Coordinator shall work with the person raising the issue to summarize the issue, possible resolutions and other pertinent details. The Team Coordinator or the person raising the issue (at their mutual agreement), share these details to the whole team, via email. The team will discuss the issue (via email or conference call). Unanimous agreement is preferred on any conflict resolution; however, due to limited assignment time, agreement from 4 out of the 6 team members is enough to decide on a resolution. The Team Coordinator or, in the case where the Coordinator raised the issue, an agreed upon team member shall coordinate any voting on issues.

    1. Team’s Schedule

    If the team needs to meet, it will be scheduled at or after 8pm on weekdays or on an agreed upon weekend time.

    Work Plan
    First team meeting 8pm

    Team Coordinator sends out first draft of Team Work Plan

    10/3 Wednesday
    All final comments on Team Work Plan due to Team Coordinator10/5 Friday
    Final Draft sent to team10/6 Saturday
    Final Work Plan Submitted by Team Coordinator10/7 Sunday
    Main Paper
    Initial/Rough Draft of sections sent to Team Coordinator10/11 Thursday
    Team Coordinator sends out complete initial/rough draft10/12 Friday
    Tentative (if needed) – Team meeting to review initial draft10/14 Sunday
    2nd Draft due to Team Coordinator10/19 Friday
    Complied 2nd Draft sent to team10/20 Saturday
    Tentative (if needed) – Team meeting to review 2nd draft10/21 or 22 Sunday or Monday
    All final sections due to Team Coordinator by 8pm10/23 Tuesday
    Final compiled draft sent to team for final review by Team Coordinator

    Final compiled draft submitted to WRIT 699C – if needed

    10/24 Wednesday
    Last call of edits or changes from the team to Team Coordinator by 8pm

    Team Coordinator incorporates WRIT feedback as needed

    10/26 Friday
    Team Coordinator submits assignment to professor10/27 Saturday
    Assignment DUE10/28 Sunday


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