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Lord of War Ethical Concerns


Using Lord of War (Film) that presents Business Ethics problem as your case study, answer each of
the following questions. For each question, give particular reference to page numbers from the text
for the source material relevant to the case you are making. Text Socrates Comes to Wall Street by
Thomas I. White 1) Identify the ethical issues raised in this case study. What makes the issues in this
case study qualifi as ethical questions? (What is the ethical relevance of these questions?) 2) Did the
actions produce more harm than good? (What was the instrumental value of the action?) 3) What’s
the intrinsic ethical character of the actions? (What was the intrinsic value of the action?) 4) How
would you assess the agent’s actions in this case? (Explain how you came to this conclusion, going
into adequate detail to persuade the reader of your case.)


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