Looking at Women

Defend a quotation

Paper instructions:

In his article, “Looking at Women,” Sanders says: “One can leave the X-rated zone of the city, but one cannot escape the sticky reach of commerce, which summons girls to the high calling of cosmetic glamor, fashion, and sexual display, while it summons boys to the panting chase.” If you agree with this statement, develop an essay in which you state the quote, explain it briefly, and tell your reader that you agree with it.

Then, support your agreement with several examples that you, personally, are aware of and have observed, whether it be in the media (magazines, ads, commercials, movies, current events, videos, etc.) or in real life experiences. Describe this evidence in detail. Your evidence should be cited correctly.

For example, although I do not require that you use MLA format (footnotes, parenthetical citations or works cited) you should say where your observations come from. For example, if you see an add in a magazine, cite the name and date of the magazine, but put it in the flow of your sentence. For example, “In the March, 2013 edition of Elle magazine, there was an ad for…..” Do not use an URL of an internet source but name the website. Do not under any circumstances find someone else’s essay about this subject and quote them.

You must be the observer and provide the evidence from your own observations and research. Besides describing and citing these examples, you should provide a conclusion with some kind of further opinion about this aspect of society that you are describing. Do you approve of it? Is it something to be avoided? Should something be done about it? To make your essay convincing.

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