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Local sex offender registry and notification

What impact does the label have on rehabilitation?

To practice competently, forensic psychologists must have a thorough understanding of the relationship between legal statutes and precedent and psychological conditions. This week you will submit the final version of the research paper. For this paper you will select a forensic topic approved by your instructor and review all of the following:

Relevant legal statute
Legal precedent
At least three empirical psychology sources

The paper will be five (5) pages minimum in 12 point Times New Roman font. (This DOES NOT include cover page, abstract, or reference pages.) This paper must adhere to APA format and be typed and proofread for typographical errors. The paper requires that primary sources be paraphrased (NO QUOTES), mentioned, and cited in the paper. The paper requires at least three primary source empirical studies be used; these are most easily identified by looking for subheadings such as methods/procedures, results/analyses, and discussion/conclusions. Empirical studies are authored by the researcher who tested a hypothesis.

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