Linux Server Assignment

For this,you are required set up a working server that will contain several applications. You should use VMWare Player to host either a Linux server. These are the requirements for the server:


For a Linux Server:

  • Remove any unnecessary applications
  • Set up a print server (CUPS), allow clients to connect, print to PDF
  • Create a script that backs up the printed documents every 6 hours



Write-up with the following information:


For Linux:

  • What programs were removed, why, and how you removed them
  • Detailed description of the process of setting up and running each server (explain also the defaultconfigurations, if the system will work as-is)
  • Report and describe each script in detail
  • Report and describe any system you set up in detail
  • List and describe any accounts, report the passwords for each account
  • Describe how to access any of your servers

Last Updated on February 11, 2019

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