Legislative Paper

Legislative Paper


Legislative Issues Paper Due Sunday midnight at the end of Week 9! Do not wait until Week 8 to start on this paper!!! This can be at a local, state, or federal level. It often takes weeks to get replies from your contacts so Begin Now!!!! This must be a BILL currently under legislative process!

Purpose: To develop a political action plan on a current health care issue. This paper is worth 100 points of your total course grade. This paper is to be written in first person because it is descriptive of your contacts and plans. Wikipedia is not an appropriate reference for graduate level papers. The legislative issue can be over any health care topic, law, or legislation that could/would affect your practice. It must be one that is in/under legislative process.

Evaluation Criteria:


Describe the issue/BILL including the current status of the BILL in the legislative process. Make sure the issue being addressed is in legislative process. A paper about an issue will not suffice. This may be at the state, local or federal level.


Describe (a) the contact with the legislator or public official or the legislative assistant (b) your understanding of the legislator’s stance on the issue.


Develop a course of action to promote change related to the issue including (a) the identification of individuals and/or groups that you will collaborate with to increase your chances for success, (b) potential outcomes of the issue, (c) your role in the change process, and (d) Actions you can take to promote change.


Evaluate your readiness for political action, including (a) your perception of the system and how it works, (b) the ease with which you were, or were not, able to find out the status of legislative issues and contacting your legislator, (c) your perception of the reaction of the decision makers, and (d) your perception(s) of how much influence one person has in promoting change. Use examples rather than global statements.


Grammar, spelling, sentence structure, logical flow of content. Also, use headings. A minimum of three credible references; excluding those interviewed.


APA format, page limit of 7 excluding cover page and references.

Potential topics: Universal prescription coverage for the elderly, affordable health care for the uninsured, the nursing shortage, nurse staffing ratios, end of life issues, reimbursement for APNs, mandatory overtime, whistleblower protection, titling of ARNPs, laws that affect how we practice, ie independent practice, prescriptive authority, ordering home health, physical therapy, signing of death certificates, etc. You can choose any topic that impacts your profession or ability to practice. Make sure the topic/BILL is currently in legislative process. Include the bill number, and name etc.

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