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Law – Criminal CJ Assignment

Discussion Assignment 4:
· 300-500 words
Prior to 1976, Alabama allowed capital punishment for rape, robbery, burglary and
murder. Since 1976, the only capital crime is murder under the circumstances that we have
1. Do you believe that the death penalty should be used as punishment, why or why not?
2. Do you believe that Alabama should allow capital punishment for other crimes now and if so
which ones and why?

Discussion Question 5 (20 pts)
Hulk and Thor are arguing over what Hulk can smash. Hulk gets mad at Thor and charges him and tells him he is going to smash him. As Hulk is approaching Thor, Hulk changes his mind and apologizes to Thor and tells him he will not smash him. As Hulk is walking away, Thor hits him with his hammer causing physical injury to Hulk.
Hulk wants to press charges against Thor.

1. Should Thor be charged with a crime? Why or Why not?
2. If Thor is charged, what crime(s) will he be charged with and what sentence could it carry?
2. If charged, what defense do you think Thor will argue and will it work? Why or Why not?

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