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Law Case study

R (on the application of UNISON) (Apellant) v Lord Chancellor (Respondent) [2017] uksc 51
Provide a brief analysis of the legal case on R (on the application of UNISON) (Appellant) v Lord Chancellor (Respondent) [2017] UKSC 51. identifies

the facts of the case and examine the key legal elements of the decision.
-Make sure the case note is based on the original case transcript.
-Use Neutral Citation!
-Ensure that you read the judgment carefully and that you have understood the relevant legal arguments and the responses of the different judges

before starting to write your case-note.
STRUCTURE: Introduction-Facts-Issues-Judgements- Impact- Conclusion.
.Case note MUST be referenced!
.Adhere to the OSCOLA referencing guidelines.
All sources must be referenced using footnotes. Footnotes should be inserted at the end of the reference to the authority or at the end of the

sentence which needs to be referenced. The footnote should be inserted after any punctuation e.g. after the full stop..All assessed coursework must

include a bibliography.
.Must be word-processed.

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