Law and Economics Paper

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Law and Economics Paper #3: “Business Report”
300 Points – 30% of Course Grade 
DescriptionConnection(s) to SLOsConnection(s) to SAIL
Identify and categorize concerns and issues in a variety of economic and law related frameworks, such as Social Science Perspectives, Consumer Reputations, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs,

Archie Carroll’s Pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility, etc.

1, 2I, G, C, W
Define and differentiate the various categories of Public and Private laws. Align them with economic theory / concerns.2I, C, W
Evaluate real-world examples at the intersection of economics and the law1, 2I, G, C, W
Recommend and justify, for a business or industry sector, a set of potential options which

specifically explores the background of a scenario, evaluates economic concerns, and explores legal considerations / ramifications.

1, 2, 5I, C, P, W
This assignment asks you to write a business report (paper) for a real or hypothetical company in the Romaine lettuce industry that provides a discussion of the background and discussions pertaining to economics and the law. Further, you are to evaluate the economic and legal pros and cons regarding a solution, justifying your recommendation.Paper Required Elements:

A. COVER PAGE (APA Formatted)


1. Brief description of concern with the Romaine Lettuce events of the past few years

2. Summary of relevant Consumer Reputation concerns

3. Summary of the relevant Social Science Perspectives

4. Summary of the relevant Hierarchy of Needs levels

5. Summary of the Pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility levels


1. Include a simple Supply and Demand curve to explain the impact(s) from the events.

2. How might this impact the affected companies?

3. The products’ sale prices?

4. How might this impact other companies/sources?

5. What (if anything) else can be concluded?


1. Relevant Public Law discussion

a. Real Connections from multiple categories

b. Briefly cite and summarize an existing case or two (from any category)

2. Relevant Private Law discussion

a. Real Connections from multiple categories

b. Briefly cite and summarize an existing case or two (from any category)

E. CONSULTATION (1-2 pages)

1. Should the company invest $10 Million dollars in new tools (technology, testing, training, etc.) to prevent future outbreaks and recalls?

a. Economic pros and cons for BOTH options (“YES” – or “NO”)

b. Legal pros and cons for BOTH options (“YES” – or “NO”)

2. Your recommendation: “YES” – or “NO” (and justification)

F. WORKS CITED (APA formatted)


· Format: Typed paper, submitted electronically.

· Length: Will vary, 8 to 10 pages of prose is typical

· Formatting: Students must use APA format. Your paper must include a cover page.

· In-Text Citations: Simply use the following format of parentheses / last name (of author) / comma / date (published) / parentheses – (Smith, 2012). Please use APA support material for citationsand bibliography.

· Bibliography: The paper requires that you enlist both primary and secondary outside sources. Your paper must include a full bibliography (APA formatted) with a suggested range of 10 to 15 entries.


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