Kinetics and Reactor Design

 Kinetics and Reactor Design

Term Project

Designing a Nonisothermal BR



The following gas phase reaction is operated in a nonisothermal variable volume batch reactor:




The conditions of the reacting fluid and the chemical reactor are given as follows:

CA0 = 0.5 mol/ L

CB0 = 0.6 mol/L

CpA = CpB= 65 J /mol × K

CpC= 150 J / mol × K

ΔHr(T) = -15 kJ/mol

nA0= 100 mol

UA = 50 J / s × K

in mol / L × s

Using polymath or any suitable software, answer the following questions:


  1. What is the time needed to reach a conversion of 0.80 for the following cases:
    1. Isothermal operation.
    2. Adiabatic operation with feed temperature of 300 K.
    3. Nonadiabatic operation with a coolant supply sufficient to maintain the reactor wall at 300K.
  2. With a feed at T = 300 K, plot the temperature profiles and conversion profiles for three different values of coolant the temperature. What can you conclude?

Note:  Plotting x vs. time and T vs. time are required for all cases.


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