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Jurisdiction business law google and eu case

Jurisdiction business law google and eu case

write on handouts or on materials you glean from the media that relate to topics in the course. You may write about topics or issues in chapters of the book that are not assigned. This is your paper; a personal reaction to something, that is, what you think about it. This is not a research paper, though you may do some research on your topic if you wish. I do not want you simply to take an area of law or topic, such as the law of contract or the CISG and explain it to me. I know what it is; you will receive no credit for such a paper. You must proof read your work. I want it in proper English. If you are unsure of your grammar etc., have someone proof read it also. This is a graduate level paper. This is not a research paper. If you have trouble, please see the instructor. NOTE: THE REACTION PAPER MUST BE 4 PAGES IN LENGTH (Times New Roman font #12 double spaced), NO MORE AND NO LESS. IF IT IS EITHER MORE OR LESS THAN 4 PAGES, YOU WILL RECEIVE A ZERO FOR THE ASSIGNMENT.\

The case has to be with Europe and i found the Google vd Europe case

Google is under fire from the governments of at least eleven European countries. In 2010 the European commission opened an investigation about Google due of the several amount of several complaints. For example, Google is being held responsible in Germany after the company inadvertently collected private data from unsecured home wireless networks, a process called “Wi-Fi Sniffing” while photographing neighborhoods for its street view program. Google states that the data will be deleted but refuses to hand it over regulators. Also, In Italy regulators punished Google in February after a video appeared on YouTube, company that belongs to Google Inc., showing a disabled boy being bullied. Courts ruled that the company was responsible for the content on its servers, and prosecutors said that Google was too slow to remove the video, convicting three Google executives for privacy violations. An important EU.

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