Journal article abstract and critique

Project description

the research article chosen from this assignment must be from a professional journal.the abstract and critique of this article must be typed, double spaced and wrriten in American psychological association (APA),6th edition style. a copy of the artile must be attached. abstract-it is necessary to have a complete citation which conforms to the APA style , for APA atyle,an abstract is to be- a-accurate, b-self contained, c-consice and specific, d-nonevalvative and e-coherent and readable(American psychological association ,2001). the abstract for a report of an empirical study should range between 100 to 120 words.

it should include -the problem being investigated, the subjects (e.g,number,typ,age,sex),the experimental method,the findings including significance levels and the conclusions including implications or applications. the abstract for a theoretical article should range between 75 to 100 words. it should include- the topic, the articles purpose ,thesis, or organizing construct and its scope, the sources and the condusions. critique- write a one page critical commentary for the article. what is your reaction to the article? what meaning does it have for you?

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