Job Description and Recruitment Plan

Assignment Instructions

Title: Recruit and select competent employees

Objective: formulate and develop a job description and recruitment plan for a Director of Human Resources

Job Description and Recruitment Plan

Scenario: You are the Deputy Human Resource Director. The city has a diverse population of approximately 200,000. The population figure is used to indicate that at this population level, the city has a well-developed Human Resource Office. The Director has left for another position. The city has a very diverse, and becoming more diverse, population of a million residents. The City Manager has asked for a briefing report, job description, and recruitment plan for filling the vacant position of Director of Human Resources Manager. The City Manager wants the Director of Human Resources to take the lead in workforce development and planning. (This scenario is not included in the report)

Cover Page: Your name, class, assignment, and date. (This is not included in the page count.)

Summary: Include the following topics:

Chapter 5:

  1. Job descriptions: Different Groups Have Different Objectives (gives you a sense of the different perspectives)
  2. HR Specialists and Position Management
  3. Managers and Supervisors Focus on Work Management
  4. Employees Focus on Career Management
  5. How to Improve Traditional Job Descriptions

Chapter 7.1:

  1. Table 7.1 page 161 – the laws that apply to the recruitment
  2. Characteristics of Effective and Ineffective Diversity Management Programs.

Chapter 4 – How the HR Manager Supports These Processes (review from previous week) -short summary of how HR Managers support the policy process. This gives you a sense of the broad responsibilities of a Director of HR.

Analysis: Based on the summary, Week 1 & 2, and Week 3 review, what are the important elements to include in the job description and recruitment plan? In weeks one and two you were working at the macro level of organizations. In week one, you analyzed and predicted the demographic environment that organizations will be operating in. In week two you were working at the organizational and executive level by learning how to develop strategic plans. In week three you will be working at the micro level: how jobs are described and defined. Each job is created so that the employee can accomplish the appropriate goals, priorities, and actions. It is the heart of what a personnel office or human resource office contributes to an organization. Knowing how to define and organize work is a basic tool for successful managers. Managers need to know what knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies (KSACs) that their employees need to accomplish their organizational units goals, priorities, and actions. As you have seen the KSACs are always changing. A manager is most effective when he/she understands the changing KSACs and changes job descriptions to match the needs of the strategic plan.

Changes in the environment usually mean changes in the education and experience that is required for a position. Remember you are recruiting for a position that is effective for the changes that will be occurring in the next ten years. What types and levels of education show that the individual is capable of responding to these changes? The same can be said of experience. What types of experiences show that the applicant is capable of responding to these changes?

The job description becomes the basis of recruiting. There are several EEO laws that must be followed. Violating these laws can lead to applicants suing the organization. Being responsible for an applicant suing the organization is not a way to advance one’s career. The first question to answer in recruiting is the geographical area for the recruitment. Do you recruit locally, regionally, or nationally? The answer depends on where you get the best applicants. Generally, lower level positions are recruited locally. Executive positions are typically recruited nationally. The other aspect is showing that your recruitment creates an applicant pool that reflects the area in which you are recruiting. This means making a special effort to reach out to under-represented groups.

Job Description Format.

Job Title: Director Human Resources Management

Responsibilities – what the position is responsible for doing and accomplishing. Use the Duties – The work activities the position will be doing to accomplish the responsibilities. Qualifications: the combination of education and experiences needed to do the work. Description of the organization. Description of the city.

Format for Recruitment Plan: You complete the assignment as you answer the questions. Department: Human Resources

Office Plans for advertising: Where will the position be advertised: local, regional, or national? Discuss why you are making the choices based on your summary and analysis.

Plans for where you advertise: (Justify your choices.) Inside the organization only Locally Regionally Nationally Describe how you will meet EEO requirements that there be outreach to underserved populations

Timetable for search process including target dates – This has to be a reasonable timeline to recruit and hire the best Director of Human Resources.

Proposed Budget (You will be making estimates to the best of your ability. This is here to let you know that costs are important. I will be looking at the categories for the costs.)

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