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J&J Covid-19 Vaccine Final Exam

Question 1 2.5 pts

J&J appeared to have a plant in Europe that was successfully making the ingredient. Why did J&J choose to initially outsource production to Emergent?


Question 2 2.5 pts

What role do organizational control systems play in strategy? In the case of Emergent, did the control systems at J&J succeed or fail? What would you change?


Question 3 2.5 pts

What is the role of innovation in creating strategic options? Do the failures in quality control and safety concerns indicate that J&J has a problem with its innovation strategy? What, if anything, should they do about it?


Question 4 2.5 pts

Use the concepts from Chapter 13 to discuss the way that the Emergent takeover strategy was likely developed at J&J. Would you have done anything differently?


Question 5 2.5 pts

What strategic options did J&J have for dealing with the quality problem at Emergent? Use the concepts from the SAFe framework (suitability, acceptability, feasibility) to explain why J&J chose to take over production at the Emergent facility.


Question 6 2.5 pts

Where is the value in this acquisition? Discuss the benefits using strategic terminology, focusing on corporate, global, and innovation strategy and performance outcomes.


Question 7 2.5 pts

Use the SAFe criteria to determine if this is the right strategy for Disney at this time.

Question 8 2.5 pts

Use the concepts from Chapter 13 to discuss the way that the Emergent takeover strategy was likely developed at J&J. Would you have done anything differently?

Question 9 2.5 pts

What concepts from change management (Ch 15) would inform your strategy if you were in charge of the team taking over the Emergent facility?

Question 10 2.5 pts

J&J stock continued to underperform Pfizer and Moderna after some patients developed blood clots after taking the vaccine. How big of a strategic risk is this development to the vaccine program? What would do about it?

Question 11 2.5 pts

What did your experiences in the BSG game teach you about the practice of strategy?

Final Exam  Chapters 9 – 16

Articles provide you with a problem, find a solution. Should not need an outside source for every question, rarely none. Articles in text can drive your answer. Outside sources are not recommended besides sources related to Johnson and Johnson. Use headings, subtitles, or

even bullet format. No giant paragraphs. Chapter 9: International Strategy

  • Outsourcing Why is this important, how is it useful, why would a company choose this?
  • Cheaper to produce elsewhere • Profitable to bring in parts from cheaper regions

When you think of knowledge, skills, abilities (KSAs), and even collaboration, these things come from outsourcing. If you don’t have KSAs internally within the organization then you’re going to look at outsourcing and it’s a good way to enter different markets, especially when looking at international strategies. Chapter 10: Entrepreneurship and Innovation:

  • Innovation Dilemmas • Product and Process innovation • Technology Push or Market Pull • Platform Leadership • Diffusion

Primarily focus on what every company has, innovation strategy and approach along with the problems associated with it. Think of market push when it comes to innovation and how that might change different approaches when we think of quality, safety, and their implications of the strategic plan, how the company develops a market for product. Chapter 11 & 12: Mergers and Acquisitions: (SAF Framework)

  • Suitability – Does it make sense to the current strategic plan addressing key threats and opportunities.
  • Acceptability – Does it meet the expectations of stakeholders, key stake holders and is the level of risk acceptable?
  • Feasibility – Would the strategy work in practice? Is it financially sound? Do you have the appropriate KSAs withing the organization?

Chapter 13: Strategic Development Process: How much of a strategy is deliberate and how much is emergent. Recognize whether the company is emergent or deliberate.

  • Deliberate Strategy • Emergent Strategy

Chapter 14: How an Organization is configured:

  • Understand various control systems, how they may be implemented • Governance component (have controls in place to make sure strategy is

effective, if we don’t, there could be dire consequences.) Chapter 15: Change Management

  • How does change management inform your strategy? • Think about things going on in the business, how can principles of change management

inform you to make changes or implementations of your strategy? • Think about Lewin’s Force Field Model, recognition of different barriers to strategic

implementation, or different collaboration approaches.

  • One question in the Exam not related to content, use experiences from BSG. What type of risk may a company take?

Chapter 16: Basically, an overview of the course, how big of a risk may a company take to develop a vaccine program, related to the red text above.

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