Java Assignment # 15

You will receive a file through email that contains 91610 of the most common first names in the United States,

according to Social Security data. On separate lines in the file are the name followed by the number of people that have that name. Store the file in the same folder/project as the classes for this assignment.

Create a Java class that has private data members for a name and the frequency of that name. Include constructors, getters, setters and a toString. You will not be using all the methods but make then anyway. Include comments for the methods in the Java style.

Write a Java program that reads the contents of the file, creates instances of your class and stores them in an array or ArrayList (your choice). The program then prompt the user for names to be searched for. Sequentially search the array or ArrayList and if the name is found display the name and the number of people with that name (display commas with the number). If the name is not found, display the name the user entered and an appropriate message. The user should be able to enter as many names as they want. The user should be able to use any combination of upper and/or lower case letters for the names to be found.

There should be no infinite loops, no break statements, and no continue statements in any code. If you don’t know what these are, good, you are not using them.

Submit printed copies of the formatted classes and printed copies of an executions that includes at least five name found and two names not found. Include the name Zelbert and your first name in the test cases.

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