Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster—Nuclear Meltdown 2011


Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster—Nuclear Meltdown 2011
Crisis Communication Case Study
Assignment: Analyze the crisis communication from an approved case study based on
the criteria below.
What’s due: A written paper in APA style and multi-media (PowerPoint or Keynote)
presentation. The paper should address the guidelines below. The PowerPoint should
give highlights of the case study suitable for visual aids if giving a presentation – but NO
oral presentation is required.
Background of case (1/2 page – page)
Brief description of facts about the situation
Key players
Timing and setting
What exactly happened?
Similar to a news report. – just the facts.
Significance of the problem and issues (1/2 page – page)
What made the event a “crisis?”
Was the crisis immediately known or did it develop over time?
What was the scope of who and what was affected in terms of people, geography,
wildlife, economy, etc?
Analysis of organization and operating environment affecting preparation for and
reaction to crisis (1-2 pages)
Internal structure, culture, and organization
External factors and pressures
Previous public perception
Key personnel
Analysis of key publics (2-3 pages)
Who was affected by the crisis, and how were their reactions similar or varied?
(Adapt for publics in a given case)
Communication objectives, strategies, and tactics? (2-3 pages)
What did the organization try to communicate to whom?
How did message strategies differ depending on publics?
What methods were used to communicate with various key publics?
Be specific and be sure to differentiate between communication objectives,
strategies, and tactics depending on the intended public.
Evaluation and Impact (1-2 pages)
What was the result of the crisis and crisis communication?
Lasting effects on organization and key players?
Collateral damage?Legal outcomes?
Criminal action?
Punitive damages?
Lessons Learned and Recommendations (1-2 pages)
What lessons about crisis communication were learned or reinforced by this
How could the handling of the case been improved from a communications
Based on this case, what recommendations can be made to an organization
developing a crisis communication plan?

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