Jane Adams

Related Course Learning Objectives

After completing this week’s module, you will be able to:

a. Identify the historical roots of human services (CSHSE-Standard 11)

b. Discuss the creation of the human services profession (CSHSE-Standard 11)

c. Describe the theories and knowledge bases for intervention (CSHSE-Standard 16)

Required Learning Materials
Chapter 2 Historical Perspectives on Case Management

Be prepared for Discussion

Instructions For Turnitin Submission:

What do you know of Jane Addams as a pioneer of human services and case management? What was her motivation and intent in the provision of human services, during her era? How does Jane Addams reflect Case Management? You will read about Jane Addams in our textbook, conduct web research and then submit an “essay” narrative format about her history, her motivations, and her stance on issues. With a minimum of three references post your findings (2-page paper) in a word document to Turnitin. You must include a minimum of two additional (other than textbook) references in your essay.

Additional Information to Cover in Your Essay. (Note: This is an Essay):

What was Jane Addams view of what a settlement house should be and represent?
What was Jane Addams view of teaching and what it should accomplish?
What was Jane Addams’ view of how men and women should care about each other?
What was Jane Addams’ view of taking action? How does she exemplify the term “empowerment”?

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