Jahn-Teller Molecules Discussion

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Reflect on the information you’ve learned in this topic regarding the two newest forms of matter that have been identified: plasma, and Jahn-Teller molecules. Each of these discoveries has far-ranging possibilities. Use the PMI Library or Google Scholar to find other articles on plasma medicine or Jahn-Teller molecules to learn what emerging technologies can be, or are already being applied, in medicine.

  1. In your first post
    • Select one application of how plasma technology or the Jahn-Teller molecule information is changing the application of health care. Discuss this application in terms of the properties and measurement of matter that you have learned about in this lesson.
    • Identify something used in your work setting (treatment application or material) that can be described or explained in terms of matter. Describe the state or phase of matter involved, how it is measured, what form(s) of energy are involved, and any chemical reactions that occur in this process.
  2. Respond to a minimum of two classmates, thoughtfully critiquing their application of chemistry concepts and new technology within their post. If you perceive an area or concept that your peer did not address, identify it and ask how they might address it.


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