Jackson pollock

this is for art history class
the essay should answer this question: 1. Trace the major developments in Jackson Pollocks art from circa 1930 to his death in 1956
here are my notes from class and you can also use your research. it has to be formal and from art history-critique perspective and also talk about jackson pollock\’s use of symbols and the jungian phase.
Pollock, male and female 1942
To heal the viewer
For public
Healthy unconscious balanced with a strong central core
o Male and female
Signs and symbols
Pollock, Pasiphae 1943
Jungian<br />
For himself, personal expression
Unconscious thats non jungian Freudian
Pollock teacup 1946
For wife
Pollok, Autumn Rhythm 1950
* Makes title after painting
* Nature titles, evoke feels and experiences of nature
* Physically and psycalicaly in his painting
* For you us
* Atomistic paintings surreal
* Primitive art cave painting
Pollock, Male and Female, 1942, AbEx: Jungian Phase
Pollock, Pasiphae, 1943, AbEx: Jungian Phase
Pollock, Tea Cup, 1946, AbEx: Jungian Phase
Pollock, Autumn Rhythm, 1950, AbEx: Mature Phase: Gesturalism

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