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IT Industry in New Brunswick


IT Industry in New Brunswick

Project description

1. Executive Summary

2. IT industry in NB (general)

Team project will provide students an opportunity to apply course learning in a real-time B2B Marketing Application challenge. This year’s marketing challenge will be presented by Mr. Ian Cavanagh – CEO Ambir Solutions (IT Solutions Provider firm) and the topic is “Buy-Local from NB (New Brunswick) Information Technology Firms”.

As background, large organizations (Government and Corporate) that use IT solutions extensively in their operations often seek suppliers of IT Solutions on a global basis and may make their decisions based on “purchase economics only”. Novice purchasers may base solely on the up-front costs while more experienced purchasers will base their decisions on the total cost of ownership.

This challenge asks you to take the economic argument to its next logical level and assess the full economic and social benefit of “buying local. Students are asked to form teams that will challenge the traditional B2B purchase decision behavior by creating a comprehensive business model and value proposition for large NB purchasing organizations to purchase IT from NB provider IT firms. Students will document the current situation, discuss and reflect on their own experiences. Reflections and discussions will be documented and then the students will research for a potential new option for NB firms.

Students will develop the comprehensive business model and extended value proposition for the NB industry. Team document will be submitted for assessment and students will present their comprehensive business model and value proposition to the industry participants in a case competition format.

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